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Smart Money and Indomitable Spirit

We are investors, board members, advisors, mentors, and serial entrepreneurs.
We bridge dreams with reality, potential with traction, Europe with the rest of the world.
We believe in the human genius, progress and technology.
We follow closely and sometimes lead inventions and innovation.
We have operational, transactional and technological track record.
We do the difficult immediately and the impossible a little longer.
We know what it takes. We will help you strengthen your team and introduce best practices.
Do you want to join us? Together, we can change the world.

Heyka Capital Markets Group We learn from the best

C E O Mateusz Kloc

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It is a  great honor to continue Anna Heyka’s work of life. Heyka Capital Markets Group continues to pursue ambitious goals by bringing real value to impact the global economy. My background is in investment and finance or for more than a decade I have worked with innovative companies in Poland and abroad in hi-tech sectors. My goal is to partner with entrepreneurs to help them build companies that will make history. In the upcoming years, we’ll focus on the renewable sector in Poland. 

My high school.

My high school.

Gdańsk 1981 - Poland

However, progress, and freedom necessary for its creation, is the 5th Element (after earth, water, air, fire). You can harness it if you recognize its power or it can destroy you. And the rest is history. Now, according to the World Bank, Poland is the 3rd most attractive country in the world to invest in, because “amid times of change and uncertainty, investors can find rather stable safe haven in Poland”.

Today 100 companies i.e. 0.1% represent 23% of the total world market capitalization, while 0.03% of cities generates over half of the world GDP! Half of the existing S&P companies disappeared in the last 20 years. Their average lifespan fell to 15 years. A BCG study found that public companies traded in the US now have a 33% chance of failing in the next 5 years. Ocean Tomo found that intellectual capital and other intangible assets of S&P 500 companies represent 81% of their market capitalization. This is Joseph Schumpeter’s “gales of creative destruction”.

This new economy is based on collective knowledge and critical, exponential, non-linear, orthogonal thinking, which supports constant reinvention and innovation. The 4th sector is in the making: digital, global ecosystems based on a new chain of value, creating open companies: sharing, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. According to IBM, every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last 2 years alone, of which 80% is unstructured (dark matter). Competitive advantages stem from access and ability to analyze Big Data. We created new production paradigms and new forms of consumption: virtual and hybrid models, rapid prototyping and short series based on 3D printing.

We do not recognize barriers and seek diversity; want privacy, while being constantly connected; keep everything forever and respond immediately; want to trust and self-regulate, while the world is becoming transparent; do not plan so we can react; experiment and accept failure. We created virtual mentality, new learning styles, new competencies, and new social structures, while half of all jobs are undergoing automation. Creative class starts to dominate as the Technological (R)Evolution enriches first and primarily the individuals and societies that are open to change.


Anna Hejka - Chair of the Board

Anna Hejka - Chair of the Board

DasCoin, London 2018 - United Kingdom

Blockchain, is an invention as important as harnessing electricity or introduction of Internet. It is a publicly accessible, distributed ledger of all transactions ever executed within a network.  It is a chain of transaction blocks, each of which contains proof of data authenticity linking the blocks, date and transaction information. Such structure is immutable, it is run by consensus of unique users and each attempt to manipulate data would have to be saved in all remaining blocks. The records are protected with private keys, which are a random combination of digits chosen from 115 thousand billion decillion (2^256). It offers transparency, automation, accuracy, and accountability. It saves time and money plus helps avoid conflicts of interest.

The key to win big is the new paradigm of INDIVIDUAL experience based on personalization and engagement; direct, active contact of users armed with immediate feedback; on EMOTIONS, growth and entertainment; democratization of access; transparency and fairness focused on advantages rather than prejudice.


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Heraclitus The Only Thing that is Constant is Change

Anna Hejka Exponentially Accelerating Change…

Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns and exponential doubling of Moore’s Law

and an Aspiration for Individual Freedom and Fulfillment.

What is the Key Value Driver?

  • Scale


  • Cash flow


  • Speed of growth


  • Profitability


  • Brand recognition


  • Competitive advantage


  • Ability to reinvent business


  • User expirience


What Makes Great Co.?

  • Purpose


  • Impact


  • Profit


  • Scale


  • Sustainability


  • Platform

    AirBnB, Uber

What Determines Success?

  • When?

    Timing (42%)

  • Who?

    Team, Execution, Adaptability, Customer

  • What?

    Idea, USP, Differentiation

  • Where, Why?

    BUSINESS MODEL, Go-2-Market Strategy

  • How?


  • Governance

    Corporate Culture

A man approaches 2 men laying bricks and asks them. What are you doing?

I am building a wall says one. I am building a cathedral says the other.

It is easily ignored as it is fuzzy (nobody teaches it), difficult to measure so it gets discounted and it doesn’t pay off in the short term. It is either week or strong. To make it strong:

Find what makes your clients tick and respect your evangelists: employees and clients.

Base your Company Mission on your core, personal values.

Filter operations and judge performance through your values, be aware of what you will not tolerate.
Remember that constraints bring creativity.

Champion your mission, make it a clear and credible custom/habit.

Hire people who care about the same things, interview for culture fit, hire and fire on values.

And ingrain Culture into Your Company DNA: Plan harder
It makes companies grow:
First (Basic) Principles; Alignment; Stability; Trust; Exclusion; Retention.

And ingrain Culture into Your Company DNA:

  • 1

    Plan harder

  • 2

    Reach deeper

  • 3

    Act instinctively

  • 4

    Connect truly

  • 5

    Think longer

  • 7

    Incentivize wisely

  • 8

    Clone success

  • 9

    Evolve with time

It makes companies grow: First (Basic) Principles; Alignment; Stability; Trust; Exclusion; Retention.

Corporate Culture is critical, because Mahatma Ghandi is right.
Beliefs become your thoughts

Teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that is not used to its fullest. Therefore:

  • 1

    Build Trust.

    The fear to be vulnerable to team members prevents building of trust. Get rid of cynics, obstinate bulls. Build trust continuously as it is the foundation of a team. Discuss individual strengths and weaknesses. Ask all for life challenges.

  • 2

    Master Conflict.

    Conflict in a healthy, passionate debate is productive and creative. Trust is essential for constructive conflict.

  • 3

    Achieve Commitment.

    Healthy debate leads to commitment.

  • 4

    Embrace Accountability.

    If people do not commit, they do not hold each other accountable. Commitment requires clarity and buy-in.

  • 5

    Focus on Results.

    The true measure of a great team is that it achieves the intended results. Make them visible!

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