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We follow closely and sometimes lead inventions and innovation.
We have operational, transactional and technological track record.
We do the difficult immediately and the impossible a little longer.
We know what it takes. We will help you strengthen your team and introduce best practices.
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  • Anna_Hejka_s

    "Progress is the 5th Element (after earth, water, air, fire). You can harness it if you recognize its power or it can destroy you."

    Anna Hejka
  • Maria_Sklodowska-Curie_1903

    "Nothing in life should be feared, it is only to be understood."

    Maria Skłodowska-Curie
  • Ray_Kurzweil_at_Stanford_Singularity_Summit

    "We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century. It will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate)."

    Raymond Kurzweil
  • 1024px-Drucker5789

    "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

    Peter Drucker
  • Heyka Capital Markets Group

    "Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. (…) The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. (…) You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

    Rob Siltanen
  • Bill_Gross

    "If you take a group of people with the right equity incentives and organize them in a startup, you can unlock human potential in a way never before possible."

    Bill Gross
  • Parag_Khanna_(6856923986)

    "We are becoming a global network civilization. Connectivity, not sovereignty, has become the uniting principle of the human species. It is how we optimize the distribution of people and resources around the world. It is how mankind comes to be more than just a sum of its parts. Connectivity is opportunity, the most important asset class of the XXI century. CONNECTIVITY is DESTINY."

    Parag Khanna
  • 1280px-Megwhitmanheadshot

    "We now live in an Idea Economy where success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition."

    Meg Whitman, CEO HP
  • Daniel_Tisch

    "In an age when intangible assets comprise so much of a company’s value, trust is an essential currency of business, and yet it’s never been more  fragile or in shorter supply."

    Daniel Tisch, CEO, Argyle Communications



My defining moment happened on Dec. 13th, 1981 in Barcelona. One decision of gen. Jaruzelski imposing martial law in Poland deprived me of everything. Suddenly, I didn’t know whether my family was alive (11 years earlier, the regime killed many people in Gdansk), I had no way of going back as the frontier was apparently blocked, my education in a “socialist” country meant nothing in Spain, nobody was interested in our culture… My passport expired a few days later, I had no visa, no work permit, no clothes (I went to Spain for a summer job), no roof over my head, no emotional support, no money, and an inferiority complex that prevented me from being comfortable around people. However, I had dreams of getting an MBA from the best MBA school in the world, working for the best commercial and later investment bank in the world, and I had stamina and determination.


My high school.

However, progress, and freedom necessary for its creation, is the 5th Element (after earth, water, air, fire). You can harness it if you recognize its power or it can destroy you. And the rest is history. Now, according to the World Bank, Poland is the 3rd most attractive country in the world to invest in, because “amid times of change and uncertainty, investors can find rather stable safe haven in Poland”.

Today 100 companies i.e. 0.1% represent 23% of the total world market capitalization, while 0.03% of cities generates over half of the world GDP! Half of the existing S&P companies disappeared in the last 20 years. Their average lifespan fell to 15 years. A BCG study found that public companies traded in the US now have a 33% chance of failing in the next 5 years. Ocean Tomo found that intellectual capital and other intangible assets of S&P 500 companies represent 81% of their market capitalization. This is Joseph Schumpeter’s “gales of creative destruction”.

Anna Hejka - Chair of the Board


This new economy is based on collective knowledge and critical, exponential, non-linear, orthogonal thinking, which supports constant reinvention and innovation. The 4th sector is in the making: digital, global ecosystems based on a new chain of value, creating open companies: sharing, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. According to IBM, every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last 2 years alone, of which 80% is unstructured (dark matter). Competitive advantages stem from access and ability to analyze Big Data. We created new production paradigms and new forms of consumption: virtual and hybrid models, rapid prototyping and short series based on 3D printing.

We do not recognize barriers and seek diversity; want privacy, while being constantly connected; keep everything forever and respond immediately; want to trust and self-regulate, while the world is becoming transparent; do not plan so we can react; experiment and accept failure. We created virtual mentality, new learning styles, new competencies, and new social structures, while half of all jobs are undergoing automation. Creative class starts to dominate as the Technological (R)Evolution enriches first and primarily the individuals and societies that are open to change.


Anna Hejka - Chair of the Board


Blockchain, is an invention as important as harnessing electricity or introduction of Internet. It is a publicly accessible, distributed ledger of all transactions ever executed within a network.  It is a chain of transaction blocks, each of which contains proof of data authenticity linking the blocks, date and transaction information. Such structure is immutable, it is run by consensus of unique users and each attempt to manipulate data would have to be saved in all remaining blocks. The records are protected with private keys, which are a random combination of digits chosen from 115 thousand billion decillion (2^256). It offers transparency, automation, accuracy, and accountability. It saves time and money plus helps avoid conflicts of interest.

The key to win big is the new paradigm of INDIVIDUAL experience based on personalization and engagement; direct, active contact of users armed with immediate feedback; on EMOTIONS, growth and entertainment; democratization of access; transparency and fairness focused on advantages rather than prejudice.


  • rozlucki

    Anna Hejka is the leading professional in the area of Private Equity/Venture Capital and Mergers & Acquisitions. She leads negotiations with extraordinary commitment focusing on important details and leading to the closing of a transaction. Her forte is also her international experience, of which I was personally a witness during the World Economic Forum in 1997, when she received the prestigious title of the Global Leader for Tomorrow. I have also enjoyed her brilliant ability to present business ventures.

    Wiesław Rozłucki
    Prezes GPW (1991-2006), Prezes Rady Programowej Polskiego Instytutu Dyrektorów
  • podlesny

    I have worked with Heyka Capital Markets Group (HCM) for 2 years. I was instantly impressed with the sophisticated financial knowledge of HCM directors from setting up a managerial accounting system to accurate forecasting of global financial flows and their influence on the behavior and valuation of local firms and institutions. HCM has helped us to significantly increase the value of Atena by suggesting and implementing a whole series of changes in our company.

    Anna Hejka is an eminent specialist in her field. She has an incredible sense of moment and her advice always builds value of the companies she works with. She is a very demanding partner, merciless to ignorance and incompetence and certainly not inclined to cooperate with everybody. Anna possesses a rare ability to talk about complex issues (not only in the financial field) in a very clear and easily understandable manner (a testimony to her huge practical experience), and simultaneously with a great passion. Work with Anna is enormously inspiring, because she looks at every issue from many angles. She doesn’t limit herself to the implementation of agreed tasks, but helps companies to precisely determine strategic objectives and initiates specific steps leading to a substantial increase in value.

    Piotr Podleśny
    Prezes Atena Usługi Informatyczne
  • banczyk

    Anna Hejka’s expertise and experience in capital markets would easily make five top class CEOs. However, it’s not only the outstanding professional skills that Anna seems to be all about. Anna’s most striking quality is that kind of mental agility and unsettled push for world changing endeavors that allows her to instantly capture and successfully run the most demanding and innovative projects others spend weeks to understand at all. I believe at the end of the day this is what makes a real global difference: that sparkle of a daring mind on top of all acquired skills. This is what makes Richard Branson – the Branson and Anna Hejka – the Hejka. While in regular business ventures she is no doubt an exceptional power, in projects featuring real innovation and world class goals, she’s second to none, a totally exclusive option. There’s hardly anyone at par with Anna Hejka in this part of the globe wherever a bold vision and an ingenious entrepreneurship is concerned.

    Marek Bańczyk
    Prezes manBase SA
  • photo

    Anna is a highly experienced global investor with very deep understanding of the Polish markets. I am looking forward to working with her to develop the cross border investment opportunities between Poland and the US venture markets.

    Mark Iwanowski
    Prezes Cognizant Corporate Venture, Dyrektor Zarządzający Trident Capital
  • Roman_Durka

    Anna’s LBO of ABC Data and Actebis companies from the German Otto Group was a masterpiece. She won a stiff competition from TechData, Ingram Micro and strong financial investors in an impressive style using intelligent structuring instead of price war. She subsequently optimized the IT companies business model increasing their margins and expanding them internationally. I constantly look for opportunities to work with Anna as her ICT knowledge (incl. ATM, Bankier, One2One/ATS, Wirtualna) is combined with an extraordinary negotiating skills.

    Roman Durka
    Dyrektor Zarządzający i Członek Zarządu Kapsch
  • jan_dubczynski

    Anna is an eminent professional and well known investor who looks far into the future, and in a wide international perspective. She has a huge number of business contacts in various spheres and vast experience. Collaboration with her is an important support for any project and greatly enhances its chances for success.

    Jan Dybczyński
    Prezes i Założyciel Fashion3D ltd
  • Natalia_Chinchilla

    Anna’s excellent reputation spans countries and continents. She has an uncanny ability to predict macro trends and to help companies at every stage of their development. Her unrelenting drive overcomes all obstacles and her focus on corporate governance and sustainable growth makes a lasting difference.

    Nuria Chinchilla
    Dyrektor Międzynarodowego Centrum Pracy i Rodziny w IESE Business School
  • Voytek Siewierski

    Anna is a great business partner. I have been truly impressed by her fund raising and deal making skills and I only wish I could work with partners like her more often.

    Voytek Siewierski
    Investment Partner of Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners, Inc.
  • Malgorzata Fechner Puternicka

    Thanks to her professionalism Anna Hejka is a co-author of a success recorded by all significant global, financial media including the Financial Times and the New York Times. In 1992, when we thought we exhausted all possibilities, Roma engaged Heyka Capital Markets, which raised financing from a British fund allowing Roma to finalize construction of a state-of-the-art ice-cream production facilities. In 1993, Roma appointed HCM again. Anna was the leading negotiator in the sale of Roma International to Unilever. Thanks to her superb financial engineering and extraordinary negotiating skills, the sale brought an exceptional profit.

    At that time, raising capital for private CEE firms in the international markets was considered impossible. Thanks to Anna’s courage and intuition as well as her in-depth knowledge of the Polish ice-cream market and the functioning of the global capital markets such a large investment in such a small enterprise in Poland was a sensation ending with an absolute success.

    Małgorzata Fechner Puternicka
    CEO of Roma International Sp. z o.o. Executive Board member of Unilever Poland (1993-1994)
  • Ingo_Schneemann

    Anna has excellent communication and team integration skills, is extremely well organized and has a charismatic management style which ensures that the job gets done. It is a pleasure working with her and I am inspired by her distinct strive for success.

    Ingo Schneemann
  • Bank Komunalny was created and developed thanks to the strength and vision of extraordinary people such as Franciszka Cegielska and Anna Hejka. I don’t know what the fate of the bank would have been if not for the incredible abilities of Anna. In 1993, within half an hour from our request, Anna raised several million dollars enabling us to close the equity issue expiring the same day. With time, HCM Group has become an important shareholder controlling an over 25% stake and with two representatives on the Supervisory Board. Furthermore, prior to the IPO in 1996, HCM sold additional 13% of the bank’s equity.

    The characteristic feature of HCM is its concern for the interest of all shareholders and long-term planning of a portfolio company development, which facilitates work of an Executive Board. In 1999, we sold Bank Komunalny to Merita Nordbanken carrying out a strategy shared by the shareholders and the board. Today the bank successfully operates under the name of Nordea. HCM is the synonym of effectively implemented vision, the highest level of professionalism, trust of potential investors and profits.

    Gabriela Gryboś
    CEO of Bank Komunalny (1992 - 2000), CEO of Nordea Bank Polska (1999 - 2002)
  • Stanislaw_Adamczyk

    Anna is a demanding business partner. However, in return one can always count on her extraordinary mind and experience. From the beginning of a transaction she imposes a very dynamic tempo. Overcoming obstacles related to reaching the most ambitious goals brings her clear pleasure.

    Stanisław Adamczyk
    Director at Equity Capital Markets brokerage house of Global Bank
  • Grzegorz_Tuderek

    Two special events deeply embedded in my mind depict personality and professionalism and therefore capabilities of Anna Hejka. The first, especially close to me, is the leading role of Anna in creating and executing a strategy to privatize and later sell Dromex, the largest Polish road builder present in many countries of the world, to Budimex – the largest construction company in Poland.

    The second in 1998 at the World Economic Forum – Anna’s, a Global Leader for Tomorrow, professional presentations on capital markets and investment climate in Poland and other countries of the region. Government members and CEOs of the most important global corporations listened to her with a lot of interest and sincere admiration. In both cases, I was interacting with a top class professional in global and domestic planning and financing. The bestowing of the title of the Global Leader for Tomorrow is not only an honor, but it also doesn’t leave any doubt as to the scale of Anna’s knowledge, competence and abilities.

    Grzegorz Tuderek
    CEO of Budimex the largest construction company in Poland (1985 - 1998)
  • Henryk_Ciesielski

    Working with Anna on a PE deal I am really impressed by her professional approach in the execution of a complex project including a wide array of tasks and workstreams – starting from fund raising, through strategy assessment and development, to implementation of performance improvement initiatives at the target company.

    Henryk Ciesielski
    Managing Director Poland American Appraisal
  • Tomasz_Dlugiewicz

    Our company got a great deal of support from Anna in our M&A process in the Czech Republic. I appreciate Anna for her professionalism and extremely goal-oriented approach to business. Working with her was a great experience, giving my company a lot of comfort in our transaction.

    Tomasz Długiewicz
    Owner & CEO of One-2-One working with Anna on the acquisition of ATS Praha in the Czech Republic
  • Jayendra_Naidoo

    I have known Anna Hejka for 12 years, and have been consistently impressed by her sound analysis of economic and commercial matters, and her enthusiasm for developing successful investment propositions in Poland and the CEE region generally. She is very honest, frank, forthright, thorough and a total professional in all she does.

    On behalf of the J&J Group in South Africa, I am thrilled to be cooperating with Anna and her related companies. I am sure she is of great value to any potential investor looking to enter the CEE region.

    Jayendra Naidoo
    Executive Chairman J&J Group
  • Malgorzata_Grymula

    Anna Hejka is the highest quality professional in planning corporate financing and product solutions tailored to changing global and Polish macroeconomic environment. She possesses a rare analytical talent and competently executes analyses of financial models, explaining them in a very clear, credible and logical fashion.

    Anna demonstrated remarkable communication skills as well as ability to source, synthesize and use information, confirming her inspired intelligence and flexibility. She has a very positive attitude towards work, goals and people. Her motto is “it can be done” – she is a master in selecting resources and people to achieve her goals in maximally optimal way in given circumstances.

    Małgorzata Grymuła
  • Dariusz_Adamiuk

    As a Supervisory Board member of MCI and a member of its Buyout Committee I observed Anna for many months and have nothing but the highest opinion on her professionalism, dedication to work and personal integrity. Her handling of ABC Data acquisition and restructuring was exemplary.

    Dariusz Adamiuk
    Financial Advisor, Development Consultancy & Supervisory Board member of MCI Management SA
  • Anna Hejka always gets deeply involved in her work. She uses her time and knowledge as well as potential of her co-workers in the most effective manner. She is a superb negotiator logically and consistently reaching her goals. Her unusual intelligence, extensive and in-depth knowledge, flexibility & determination allow her to find optimal solutions in changing circumstances.

    Eligiusz Kisała
    CEO of Novomatic Peru, CEO of ZPR (2004 - 2007)
  • Adam_Konka

    I have never met (and I thought that I never will) a person combining passion, vision, Great Heart and Positive Energy, which he/she shares with others as well as an incredible determination in achieving goals. I thought so until I met Anna, who has changed my mind.

    Adam Konka
    CEO, Unikkon Integral Spółka z o.o.
  • Wieslaw_Saniewski

    Cooperation with Heyka Capital Markets Group and Anna Hejka proved to be a bull’s-eye. I really hope that her assistance in finding movie co-producers will not end with this project. Someone like Anna and her firm, with extensive contacts in business, are the extremely needed link between two communities that have so much to offer to each other.

    Wiesław Saniewski
  • Grazyna_Molska

    Anna’s dynamic personality, great energy, absolute faith in succeeding and, first of all, her supreme professionalism led to the raising of money required to produce “The Winner” directed by Wiesław Saniewski. It wasn’t easy. The Polish business is not strong enough yet to be eager and fearless, especially in the time of crisis, to invest in movie production. Therefore, Anna’s merit is even greater as she presented all arguments in favor of the positive decision convincingly, successfully and professionally.

    Grażyna Molska
    Producer, CEO of SACO FILMS Ltd.
  • Michal_Popiolek

    Anna possesses highly developed negotiating and interpersonal skills allowing her to achieve superior results in negotiations and building a positive image. She has a very high level of emotional intelligence, which allows her to build good relations with business partners. She knows how to effectively manage her emotions, is able to work successfully in very stressful situations and has a mature approach to solving problems as well as a flair to work in international environment.

    Michał Popiołek
    Director of Senior and Mezzanine Finance BRE Bank SA controlled by Commerzbank AG
  • Working with Anna I was impressed by her professionalism, high integrity and deal orientation. This was great honor and I wish her all the best and hope we will have opportunity to work in the future.

    Jacek Czerniak
    Director, Middle Market Country Head, Citigroup
  • Patryk_Szafranski

    Anna Hejka has an ability to look holistically at complicated problems and multidimensional approach to complex issues. She has an extraordinarily high emotional intelligence and interpersonal abilities, a gift to winning people over. She is an ideal mentor openly passing her knowledge and experience to others. She delegates, giving great freedom to subordinates and allowing them the opportunity to develop – an ideal coach. Anna is open to ideas and points of view of others. She is focused on finding the best solution, imposes a fast pace of work and skillfully motivates workers to greater effort.

    Patryk Szafrański
    Analyst at MCI Management S.A. (2007 – 2011)
  • Marta_Kardas

    With Anna and Cezary even lengthy negotiations are a pleasure. From the very beginning, I was impressed with their professional and constructive approach to our project. Thoroughness and dynamic personality of Anna, her fast decision-making, integrity and tangible business approach is the great competitive advantage of Heyka Capital Markets.

    Anna i Cezary are goal driven. Their long-track record, wide industry connections and superb capabilities constitute a strong support for our team. Thanks to their referrals, we have met a number of potential business partners, with whom we have already started to cooperate. I would be thrilled to work with such outstanding professionals on a regular basis.

    Marta Kardaś
    Managing Director TELMEDICO telemedicine platform
  • Zbigniew_Jagiello

    I met Cezary Iwański in 2000 during work on merging 3 asset management firms (CDM Pekao SA, Pioneer TFI SA and Pekao Alliance TFI SA) and creating Pioneer Pekao TFI SA and Pioneer Pekao Investment Management SA, the largest asset management firms in Poland. After a successful merger in 2001, we worked together in the management board of the asset management company. All this time Cezary was my deputy responsible for investments, while I was the CEO of the company.

    As a licensed investment advisor and CFA Cezary is one a high quality professional in asset management with excellent understanding of capital markets. He has a very analytical approach to companies, while (thanks to his emotional intelligence) being effective in managing people and building long-term relations. Our cooperation was very successful thanks to his creative and strategic thinking, self-reliance and initiative. I would be happy to cooperate with Cezary Iwański in the future.

    Zbigniew Jagiełło
    CEO of PKO BP
  • Igor_Chalupec

    I worked with Cezary Iwański between 1994 and 2003, when I was initially a Director of the brokerage house (CDM) of Bank Pekao SA and later a member and deputy CEO of the bank. In this period, I supervised Cezary’s work, who started as a financial analyst in the Analytical Department and by 1996, created from scratch the Asset Management Department of CDM Pekao SA. In 2001, we merged 3 entities: Asset Management of CDM Pekao SA, Pekao Alliance TFI and Pioneer TFI. We created Pioneer Pekao TFI and Pioneer Pekao Investment Management, in which Mr. Iwański was the deputy CEO.

    During our cooperation, Cezary was a very good manager, a true hard working professional able to achieve his targets. He was also communicative and related to people without any problems. He was excellent working alone as well as managing teams.

    Igor Chalupec
    CEO and Managing Partner of Icentis
  • Jerzy_Szymanczyk

    Mr. Cezary Iwański, as the CEO and the founder of KGHM closed investment funds company (TFI), took part in the privatization process of Zespół Uzdrowisk Kłodzkich SA. As a result of negotiations executed after a thorough due diligence process, TFI acquired a majority stake in ZUK SA signing a privatization agreement with the State Treasury. Mr. Iwański made use of his qualifications and knowledge and proved to be an efficient manager, defining strategic objectives he expected the company to achieve. He showed special care in making sure that the company continues already initiated investments in ZUK SA and starts new ones directed at strengthening the company position in the market of medical spas and mineral water.

    As the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ZUK SA he focused on substantive actions of the Executive Board and analyzed its financial results objectively and competently. Thanks to the objectivity and professionalism of Cezary Iwański, his cooperation with the Management Board of ZUK SA, of which I am a CEO, went very well.

    Jerzy Szymańczyk
    CEO of ZUK
  • Roman_Jalako

    Cezary Iwański has been a member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Uzdrowisko Cieplice since February 3rd to the 30th of June 2011. During this period, he fulfilled his obligations perfectly, took care of the company development and took active part building its strategy. We want to stress his knowledge and professionalism as well as integrity and experience. Cezary was very active and creative. He showed very high interpersonal skills. His cooperation of the management board was very constructive. We can recommend Mr. Iwański as a solid and reliable colleague.

    Roman Jałako
    CEO, Uzdrowisko Cieplice

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Heraclitus The Only Thing that is Constant is Change

Anna Hejka Exponentially Accelerating Change…

Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns and exponential doubling of Moore’s Law

and an Aspiration for Individual Freedom and Fulfillment.

What is the Key Value Driver?

  • Scale


  • Cash flow


  • Speed of growth


  • Profitability


  • Brand recognition


  • Competitive advantage


  • Ability to reinvent business


  • User expirience


What Makes Great Co.?

  • Purpose


  • Impact


  • Profit


  • Scale


  • Sustainability


  • Platform

    AirBnB, Uber

What Determines Success?

  • When?

    Timing (42%)

  • Who?

    Team, Execution, Adaptability, Customer

  • What?

    Idea, USP, Differentiation

  • Where, Why?

    BUSINESS MODEL, Go-2-Market Strategy

  • How?


  • Governance

    Corporate Culture

A man approaches 2 men laying bricks and asks them. What are you doing?

I am building a wall says one. I am building a cathedral says the other.

It is easily ignored as it is fuzzy (nobody teaches it), difficult to measure so it gets discounted and it doesn’t pay off in the short term. It is either week or strong. To make it strong:

Find what makes your clients tick and respect your evangelists: employees and clients.

Base your Company Mission on your core, personal values.

Filter operations and judge performance through your values, be aware of what you will not tolerate.
Remember that constraints bring creativity.

Champion your mission, make it a clear and credible custom/habit.

Hire people who care about the same things, interview for culture fit, hire and fire on values.

And ingrain Culture into Your Company DNA:
It makes companies grow:
First (Basic) Principles; Alignment; Stability; Trust; Exclusion; Retention.

And ingrain Culture into Your Company DNA:

  • 1

    Plan harder

  • 2

    Reach deeper

  • 3

    Act instinctively

  • 4

    Connect truly

  • 5

    Think longer

  • 7

    Incentivize wisely

  • 8

    Clone success

  • 9

    Evolve with time

It makes companies grow: First (Basic) Principles; Alignment; Stability; Trust; Exclusion; Retention.

Corporate Culture is critical, because Mahatma Ghandi is right.

Teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that is not used to its fullest. Therefore:

  • 1

    Build Trust.

    The fear to be vulnerable to team members prevents building of trust. Get rid of cynics, obstinate bulls. Build trust continuously as it is the foundation of a team. Discuss individual strengths and weaknesses. Ask all for life challenges.

  • 2

    Master Conflict.

    Conflict in a healthy, passionate debate is productive and creative. Trust is essential for constructive conflict.

  • 3

    Achieve Commitment.

    Healthy debate leads to commitment.

  • 4

    Embrace Accountability.

    If people do not commit, they do not hold each other accountable. Commitment requires clarity and buy-in.

  • 5

    Focus on Results.

    The true measure of a great team is that it achieves the intended results. Make them visible!


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